The World’s First Interactive Alphabet Blocks - Coming Soon!

Magical. Digital. Educational. Pre-K Toys.

Igniting the natural love of learning through PLAY.

Traditional alphabet blocks for traditional PLAY.

Expanded learning experiences through digital PLAY.

NO FEAR of too much or bad screen time. Educational & FUN apps w/ personalized time limits. Be your child’s confident and happy digital mentor.


Place block on device.

Spanishsgraphic 02

Story comes to life.

Norahexcited 02

Learning happens.

Silly Play. Serious Brain Development.

“Children can learn words from an interactive touchscreen interface with HIGH QUALITY programs.”

American Academy of Pediatrics


“Play is our brain's favorite way of learning”

Diane Ackerman, Neuroscience Expert & Author

Multi Play.

Digital Learning.
Multiple Apps.
Future Apps.

Anotherjacobhand 01

Water Play. Floats.

Maxinwater 02

Your Child’s Imagination

Jacobhappy 01
Happyfacemax 01

Stack & Build.

Norahparksand 01

Letter Stamp.

Multi Sensory.

Handicon Eye 01 Musicicon
Earicon Brainiconc Bilingualicon

Learning retention and empathy is enhanced with multiple senses, languages, and use of storytelling & music.

Safe materials. Non-toxic. Easy to clean.

Dear Parent,

Here is my granddaughter playing with one of our blocks at an age where everything goes into her mouth. She loves the blocks and plays with them without any digital device (she has plenty of time for that later). Our blocks are designed so that babies & toddlers can develop fine motor skills by simply playing with them as a physical toy.

Knowing that children will put them in their mouths, we designed our blocks to exceed the minimum child safety requirements for infants & toddlers. We use FDA grade and non-toxic materials. Our blocks are manufactured in Florida, only a few miles away from our Miami office. This allows us to be hands on and ensure the integrity of our materials and the quality of our manufacturing & assembly process.

Your child’s physical health and brain development are important to us.

Marilu Kernan, Grandmother & Founder of AlphaTechBlocks

No blue-tooth or electronics.
AlphaTechBlocks operate on safe, conductive material and genius software code.

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